Dry Top Italy production chain

All our production processes and products are subject to constant controls, conducted according to a strict management system for quality and food safety. Products and processes are certified in Belgium and Italy by independent certification bodies.

The production

Our plants in Belgium are certified according to the international IFS Food standard. It is a uniform standard to guarantee the quality and safety of food products, created by an international consortium of retailers (supermarkets and distributors). Responding to an increasingly complex market. A complexity due to the increasing needs of consumers, the responsibilities of supermarkets, the multiplication of legal requirements and the globalization of the supply of products.

The distribution

The food safety and safety system follows Dry Top products to the shelf. The Italian distribution network is certified IFS Broker, a specific standard that guarantees total quality during distribution, to protect the customer and the consumer.

The organic supply chain

The line of organic products is certified according to Reg. CE 834/2007, which defines the system of production, processing, labelling, control and certification in the European Union.