Organic exotic mix

Peanuts, sultanas, banana chips, blueberries
COD. 140

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40 gr

Pcs x box


Dry Top combines peanuts and fruit from organic farming in a super-nourishing and delicious mix, with an exotic flavor, the perfect snack for those who play sports and need balance and energy.

Peanuts are very powerful natural antioxidants, with a high protein content. They are also rich in vitamins E and PP and folic acid, a particularly important substance at the beginning of pregnancy. In addition, they are an excellent natural remedy for headaches.

Sultanas are the dehydrated form of a particular variety of seedless grapes with small, yellow or golden berries. It is poor in water and rich in fiber, iron and calcium. It regulates blood pressure and is an excellent ally for those suffering from intestinal problems.

Bananas are rich in antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6: they protect from the action of free radicals, strengthen the nervous system, help us lose weight because they increase the sense of satiety. In addition, they reduce stress, improve concentration and give a lot of energy.

Blueberries contain many organic acids, sugars, vitamins A and C and Myrtillin, a substance with great antioxidant and anti-radicalizing power, responsible for their color. Myrtillin naturally inhibits the destruction of collagen cells that make up important tissues in our body, such as the cornea.